My process is an iterative and collaborative one. 

process diagram


Working collaboratively with team members, clients, and research experts, I begin every project by gathering as much pertinent information as possible. The goal is to understand why the brand is relevant and what makes it different. This means learning about the organization, product or service, audience perceptions and behavior, and the competitive environment.


The next step is distilling the collected information into a concise brand strategy document. This document outlines the brand’s essence: its unique core promise, distinctive attributes, personality or attitude, and its benefits to audiences – functional, emotional, and self-expressive. The brand strategy should also clarify relevant audiences, when possible including demographic, ethnographic, and psychographic profiles of each audience segment.


Whether for a new brand name, a visual identity evolution, or a website design, the next step is to generate a range of solutions to the specific challenge. The objective is to explore as many different concepts as possible, keeping an open mind and postponing criticism until the refinement stage. When collaborating with clients or in large groups, this work is more efficient with an intensive and structured approach to brainstorming.


Through internal creative reviews and formal client presentations, this step involves selecting the most compelling concepts, then extending and refining them to best reflect the brand strategy—including development of color palettes and typographic systems, as well as imagery and layout rationale. The intention is to select a final design direction for production and delivery.



The final step is to produce applications and tools for delivering brand messaging across audience touchpoints. This work includes creation of files for print, packaging, screen and environmental applications, as well as producing brand assets and brand guideline documentation. These files are then delivered to clients or manufacturing partners, such as printers, fabricators, and other specialists.